“This book is a fun way for my preschoolers to learn the alphabet.”

—Denise, Virginia

“Your book is awesome! My four year old read her first word after having the book only 2 or 3 weeks.”

—Beverly, Tennessee

"I have never been so excited about a book before! It is very clever!"

—Mary, Texas

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The Alphabet Learned Quickly and Easily is a great book that can make learning the alphabet fast, easy, and enjoyable.

The book uses creative multi-sensory approaches to increase long term memory of alphabet letters that become part of an object that begins with the letter’s sound. The unique pictures and stories make it easy to remember the basic foundations of reading.

This book could be a supplement to any reading program. The book helps students with regular abilities and also, students with learning disabilities and dyslexia.

The author hopes that like her students, readers of this book can benefit from it as well.


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Brenda Martin came up with the idea of the book while trying to teach the alphabet to a kindergarten boy who had difficulties with learning.

She continued using her techniques with other learning-challenged students and she saw marked, consistent improvement.

Over time, she honed her teaching techniques into the methods described in this book. Association memory triggered comprehension for concepts so well that students seemed to finally have a "light bulb on" experience to store information into their long term memory for easier retrieval.

She spent her career teaching students dealing with different levels of learning problems using creative and effective methods.


D Consonant

Look in a mirror when you say the d sound to see how your mouth looks. Pay attention to how your tongue and lips move when making this sound. Notice whether you use the front, middle, or back of your mouth while making this sound.

This is a loud (or voiced) sound. The middle of your mouth is used to make the d sound. Don’t let a vowel sound out after the d. Make only the d sound and stop. Put your hand on your throat to feel the vibration when saying the d sound.

Book copies are available at: LitFirePublishing.com, Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com.
Brenda Martin’s related link: http://lbkmetroleader.com/community/meet-author-brenda-martin/


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